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[Lucy is standing outside the cathedral waiting for Curt to arrive. She's got her makeshift laser screwdriver out and is thoroughly prepared to shoot anyone who comes close that she doesn't know or isn't Curt. She's wearing this.]

★ [Voice]

Jun. 2nd, 2011 10:12 am
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It's really ______ to be ________. I've been ________ for at least a couple of __________ and I think I ________

enough ___________ to ________ ___ ________. I should hire a ____________.
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[Lucy's voice sounds tiny, scratchy and hoarse, like she's been screaming for a long time]

Who brought me here?

[She's in the hospital, having just woken up City!Dead and unfortunately she remembers everything. It's taking her a little while to process it. She looks a wreck, pale and disheveled, as one might expect considering.
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[Lucy is sitting in front of the camera. She's dressed in a flouncy, very Southern sundress with a crinoline underneath it. She carefully arranges her skirt and looks a bit off camera.]

How does this look?

It's lovely, Miss but we really need to get back to Mr. Lightwood--

Please. I'm totally as cute as Jace. So he's got the ab thing going but I have the boobs. Okay so they're not much in the way of boobage [She squishes her boobs together, creating cleavage with her upper arms pressed close to her sides] but they're boobs! That counts for something. Maybe I should put on something low cut. I've got this one dress that's cut down to nearly my navel. I couldn't wear it if I had boobs because it would be a boob sling.

Alright Ma'am--

Seriously? Did you just call me Ma'am? Do I look old enough to be a Ma'am. Before you answer please realize I have a cricket bat and I know how to use it.

What exactly--Miss, why don't you change. We'll be with Mr. Lightwood.

Oh now I'm old and stupid? Sit. Right there. Film.

Now, I'm Lucy Locke and life in the City has it's advantages. I know everyone has been all doom and gloom and boo hoo and yeah it's bad sometimes. It hurts when people leave and I was attacked by a carousel horse just last week but honestly where else in the entire universe are you going to meet people from all over the place and time like this? [She's just going to ramble and preen at the camera until Jace rescues them]

[ooc: Lucy has hijacked Jace's camera crew with permission.]
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[The video is jostled, flickering on to show footage of someone running. The sound of someone gasping for breath and heels clicking wildly on the street provides the soundtrack for this video. There's a shriek and a thud when she twists her ankle and hits the ground. Only then is it clear that the person in question is Lucy. She fumbles in her bag, pulling out lipsticks, lotion, keys and everything except the makeshift laser screwdriver The Master made her before he left.]

Fudge and Auburn

[The words make little sense and are hissed between her teeth like a curse. Within seconds the carousel horse chasing her is upon her, flailing hooves striking out. Lucy nabs her purse either out of survival instinct or possibly because it's a Dolce & Gabbana. She curls around the purse attempting to crawl or scoot away from the carousel horse]

[ooc: She could use a savior. She's not far from the carousel if anyone wants to help out]
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[The video pans around The Masters Lucy's flat. There's a slow pan of kitchen, living room, the stair well and even the fire pole before the camera turns, giving a quick glimpse of the Newfoundland dog lying on the floor and the cat on the back of the couch. The video settles on Lucy's face.]

So I'm back home and everything survived, including me. It's nice to have the City back to whatever passes for normal here.

Octavian and Derek, uber thanks for being my roman in shining armor and pretty boy with a gun. I'm going to cook. I'll bring some food over. Sweet potato pie, fried chicken and cheese grits for everyone.

[Private to Chris]

Hey, if you got alcohol poisoning and died at the police station I'm going to be pissed.
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[Lucy flips the video on and waves at the camera. She's sitting at the bar in the Blue Light with a green drink in front of her and she's wearing a bright green tee shirt that says Kiss Me. I'm Roll-Tide.]

St Patrick's Day is totally one of my favorite holidays. No, I'm not Irish--I don't think--but I look good in green and it's a day completely dedicated to drinking. Also, go St. Patrick. Not so crazy about snakes.

Happy St Patrick's Day. Don't forget to wear green and everyone should have a drink.
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[The video clicks on to show Lucy dressed in a crimson and white cheerleading uniform. She even has the pompoms. Her hair is pulled up in a ponytail, tied with a ribbon but there's a bit of a pout on her face.]

Now, I just need someone to cheer for.
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[Lucy is sitting on a bench by the fountain. She's got a cup of coffee and a fashion magazine with her. She's idly flipping through it, dog earring certain pages and then moving on. She appears to be waiting for something.]

So I know it's a long shot 'cause really who wants to leave Birmingham or come back to this place. Doesn't stop a girl from hoping.

And now I just sound patheta-sad.

[ooc: Fourth wall is a go. She'll welcome visits from anyone]
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[Lucy is sitting at the bar in The Raven. She's wearing something sparkly and her hair is down all around her shoulders. The pout on her face doesn't match the party hair or the sequins on her clothes. She looks miserable. She's got a glass in front of her and she's turning it in circles on the wooden bar.]

Four days ago I was here a year. I didn't realize it until the day was almost gone. It's funny how much can happen in a year. I'm not going to hash through everything that has happened. I lived it. I know and the funny thing is, most of the people that lived it with me are gone. Everyone except me.

I'm still stuck in that 'don't want to go home' phase of things though. I miss home. Desperately. I want to see my Mom and Jilly Bean and Christine. I even want to go to pointless classes that I plan on going to for the next four years or so but I don't want to go home.

Happy anniversary me? I guess.
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[The device clatters violently to the floor, the video function flicking on. The scene it captures is a chaotic one. There's a giant black and white newfoundland running around the kitchen being chased by a ball of flame which is in turn being chased by Lucy in a pair of shorts, a tank top and oven mitts. She's carrying a pot full of water. The dog is howling at the top of it's lungs and a big golden cat is sitting on the counter watching it all with detached amusement. The three skid around the island while Lucy douses the ball of flame with the pot of water. Everything kind of goes anti climatic there, the dog hides under the kitchen table, Lucy plucks the wet rabbit up, making a sad face as she does.]

You poor thing. [A kiss gets planted on the side of the shivering, wet rabbit's head] No offense, Ingram, but I'm thinking you need to stay in the oven or completely soaked until further notice.
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[The video is sideways, Lucy is lying on her side on the bed. She's got a pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia next to her and a bottle of Hershey's Chocolate syrup. Bryant is curled up at her feet and Masha, the cat is sulking a bit near her knees. Her eyes and nose are red, her face a little blotchy. This is not Lucy's best day.]

Harry was supposed to be home hours ago so I checked the lab and headed to the portrait hall. He's gone and so is Hardison. This day sucks. Everyone always leaves.

At least Hardison is going home to good stuff. Harry is just...I hate this. He didn't get to leave me a note telling me to wait or anything.

I mentioned this day sucks, right?
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[The video comes up on Lucy hopping/dancing to the City's choice of music for the day. She's grinning and bouncing and well generally okay with what's going on here]

Trust me. Just embrace it.

[It's highly possible she's consumed a good deal of brandy already.]
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[Lucy is eagerly holding tightly onto the elbow of a good looking barista with both hands. The device is on the coffee bar and there's a abandoned cup of coffee next to it. Lucy is leaning forward, talking animatedly about her life in general]

So the AC man is there but I didn't know the AC man was there. Momma sorta forgot to tell me. The house is blazin' hot and since Daddy is at work I'm walking around without a stitch of clothing on. I headed toward the kitchen to get a glass of ice water with my earbuds in my ears. So there I am standing in front of the freezer, glass in one hand, iPod in the other completely naked with my eyes closed and I'm singing along.

I think it took five minutes before I finally closed the freezer door and turned around to see the AC man starin' at me gape jawed.

[She sits back a bit but doesn't relinguish her hold on the barista.]

He sorta waved his fee that day and Momma and me went and bought new shoes with it. It's not like we could tell Daddy I was strip naked in front of the AC man.

He did ask why ever once in a while they'd stop by just to check on our air conditioning unit. Momma and I managed to convince him they had great customer service.

[ooc: Lucy is affected by the stranger danger curse. Feel free to voice/video or come save the poor barista from too much TMI but beware, she'll probably TMI you too]
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Private--Difficult to hack )

I've never been a huge fan of snow. It doesn't snow in Birmingham very often and even then it melts right off. At least I've got an excuse to buy cute new boots and a hat. Possibly one with ear flaps.

Can you ski on the mountain? I've always sort of wanted to tromp around in a ski chalet in boots and those super tight, smexy ski pants.
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If you know the Master...he's gone home. Again.

I don't understand why we go home. There doesn't ever seem to be a point to it. Not for some of us. I mean okay I get that for some people it's this whole...good thing. It's not that way for all of us.

I guess it's true. The City runs on misery.


Hardison, can you come watch movies with me for a little while?
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[The video feed clicks on and Lucy is sitting at a bar with three different colored jello shots in front of her. She takes the top off one, slides her finger around the edges of the jello, pulling it away from the plastic and then licks her finger. That's when her eyes go wide. She licks her finger again, grins and gives her wrist a lick.]




I taste like strawberry ice cream. [She gives the crook of her elbow an experimental lick.] All. Over.

Anyone want to come lick me?
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Life sucks.

Home. Here.

But guess what I learned? Hell sucks worse.

Really tired.

Glad October is over.

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