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Name:Lucy Locke
Birthdate:Oct 24
Lucy Locke
I'm a mess in a dress

I'm the girl with the worst attention span
I need to feel appreciated

Lucy is perpetually happy. There is little a new pair of shoes, coffee and a compliment won’t fix for her. She’s also persistent, annoying, stubborn, supportive of her friends, protective of anyone she perceives weaker than her as well as loyal. She’s blunt to the point of it being a fault. She has no filter between her brain and her mouth. If Lucy thinks it, she says it; sometimes without realizing the damage or embarrassment it could cause. She has intense commitment issues in regards to romantic relationships. She doesn’t get paranoid or emo about them, but she flirts with the same frequency that she breathes and takes very little in life seriously. She can be incredibly demanding on someone’s time but is willing to allow them to be just as demanding back. She’s not easily offended or angered or driven away. Her general retort in a fight is to stick her tongue out but she has been known to throw a punch or kick some shins when really goaded. It’s definitely her last resort.
Lucy means well in nearly everything she does. That doesn’t mean that everything she does turns out well. She certainly rarely intends on hurting people. Of course like most humans, exceptions can be made for the people that hurt her. She’s as vulnerable to revenge as the next person. She is an only child unaccustomed to being told no and won’t often take you seriously if you tell her no. She’s prone to pouting and has no concept of personal space, either her’s or anyone else’s. She’s content to share everything she owns and often forgets what she’s loaned out (like books or clothes). This is more based on the idea that the supply of ‘stuff’ is endless than any saintliness on her part. She just never grew out of the teenage girl stage where you load all your clothes to your BFF and vice versa. She likes a party and has no ambition or direction. This drives her father a little crazy sometimes but Lucy likes living in the now. The future and what she’s going to do in it is for later at some unspecified time. She is crazy OCD organizational wise but particularly closets. She’ll rearrange hers at least seasonally and often, she’ll rearrange other people’s given permission. Lucy has a problem with sticking to a schedule, she’s forgetful and she gets side tracked easily. Her attention span is just too short.
Lucy’s happy, bubbly personality really isn’t a front for anything. Bad things happen and she reacts accordingly but her life has been alright and she figures she can go through life sad or she can go through it happy. She’d rather be happy on the whole. She rolls with the punches remarkably well and looks for the bright side in any situation.
When she does get glum, she wants ice cream, sweet tea, sweet potato pie and a host of other traditional Southern foods. She stuffs herself silly, watches Resident Evil and fishes for compliments from everyone she knows. She never stays glum for long. Lucy is a bit like a hummingbird. She moves really fast and just does her thing but she’s always just sort of suspended in space never really moving forward.

According to you I'm stupid, I'm useless; I can't do anything right
According to you I'm difficult, hard to please; Forever changing my mind

Lucy grew up in Birmingham, Alabama the only child of Lily and Jim Locke. The Locke family has had money for ages but Jim increased it many times over by investing in a host of startup companies that happened to do well. Investing is sort of what her father does. As a result of his good fortune, Lucy has been pampered her whole life. She only half jokes that she was twelve before she realized the Chronicles of Narnia were not about her because her father calls her Princess Lucy. Her mother likes her mint juleps but was never an abusive or audacious alcoholic. Functioning is probably the best description. Sometimes Mama had a headache and couldn’t attend PTA meetings or girl scouts. Her father always filled that role and never made it seem more than normal. As a result Lucy has been known to enjoy her own mint juleps. She was raised Southern Baptist but when she’s not home, she falls behind in her church attendance, as in she doesn’t go at all.
Lucy is an avid, obsessive fan of Alabama University Football. She keeps a countdown, knows the names of everyone on the team and their positions. She goes to every football game and often claims the team is her husband. Football is almost a religion for Lucy. The whole game makes her happy and does for her what meditation does for others.
She met her best friend in kindergarten and they were almost inseparable after that. Jill wasn’t really part of Lucy’s social circle but they stuck together in spite of it. She was a cheerleader in high school in spite of her clumsiness. Many football games ended in injuries but nothing more serious than a broken arm or leg. When Lucy was 16 she did what every 16 year old cheerleader was supposed to do and she went out with the Quarterback of the football team. Like any 16 year old girl, she fell in love quickly, easily and Mike Wilson ended up being her first. Everything was fine for several weeks until she caught him at a party with one of the other cheerleaders. A few weeks later she found out she was pregnant. For better or worse, she didn’t tell Mike—refusing to give him the satisfaction of knowing the full extent that he’d hurt her—and went to an abortion clinic with a fake ID and five hundred dollars meant for a shopping trip. She went with Jill and never told her parents or Mike. That kicked off her commitment issues and she only padded them with a string of bad date choices over the years. Lucy tends to value pretty over personality; primarily because it’s easier on her to ditch pretty the morning after than it is personality.
After graduation—Lucy was never driven enough to be a good student, settling for average—She attended Alabama University in Tuscaloosa. She lives in a dorm there and goes home on a regular basis. She’s currently majoring in Philosophy but still has no ambition or goals. In fact the reason she picked Philosophy is because she’s pretty sure philosophers don’t do anything. That’s exactly what she wants to do, plus shopping. She figures she’ll just go to college until Daddy cuts her off or until she’s hit by the Goal Fairy. She’s been in college for three—almost four years and still has a couple of semesters before she gets her bachelor’s degree. She’s already planning on grad school after that. It’s a way of avoiding making that big decision about her future and one more way her commitment issues waylay her life.
Lucy has a deep southern accent but she does not sound like Scarlett O’Hara. That’s more Georgia. Think Sweet Home Alabama and everyone *but* Reese Witherspoon. She lives with the mentality that boys do the physical labor. Girls supervise the housework, cook and do all the girly things

In The City

Lucy's experience in the City hasn't been all cherries and roses. She was attacked by a vampire and got involved with The Master. That relationship did nothing for her self esteem and when he left the City, it did even less for her commitment issues. She has no idea what a normal, healthy relationship should be like.

She returned home, stayed there for several months her world time and was pulled back directly from her father's funeral. Because of this she has no desire to return home. Shortly after The Master left the City, Lucy was tortured and murdered. She's now CIty!Dead and owns the bath and body store Coming Up Roses

I'm a mess in a dress

FULL NAME: Lucy Louise Locke
NICKNAMES: Princess Lucy; Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds; Luce
DATE OF BIRTH: Oct 24 1988
PLACE OF BIRTH: Birmingham, Alabama

SEXUALITY: Hetrosexual
OCCUPATION: owns "Coming Up Roses"
CURRENT RESIDENCE: A two story flat in the City

PARENTS: Lily and Jim (James) Locke
FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS: Her aunts and uncles live on the East Coast so she rarely ever saw them as a child. Her closest friend is Jill Leighton. They grew up together


• Her favorite movie is Resident Evil: Apocalypse
• She has basic pollen/dust allergies
• She's a fantastic cook, mostly Southern food
• She was raised a good Southern Baptist girl
• She is an avid Alabama Crimson Tide fan
•She owns a Newfoundland named Bryant, a cat named Masha and a rabbit named Ingram
•She is a shoe addict
•Lucy loves to play pretend complete with costumes all year round

✖ ✖ ✖


[Threadjacking]: Please! Love that stuff
[Backlogging]: So much yes
[Hugging]: Absolutely. Lucy loves hugs
[Kissing]: Again that’d be an absolutely.
[Hitting]: Talk to me first or have a good IC reason. She’s just human</font>

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