mightbeconcussed: (We are not amused)
[The video is jostled, flickering on to show footage of someone running. The sound of someone gasping for breath and heels clicking wildly on the street provides the soundtrack for this video. There's a shriek and a thud when she twists her ankle and hits the ground. Only then is it clear that the person in question is Lucy. She fumbles in her bag, pulling out lipsticks, lotion, keys and everything except the makeshift laser screwdriver The Master made her before he left.]

Fudge and Auburn

[The words make little sense and are hissed between her teeth like a curse. Within seconds the carousel horse chasing her is upon her, flailing hooves striking out. Lucy nabs her purse either out of survival instinct or possibly because it's a Dolce & Gabbana. She curls around the purse attempting to crawl or scoot away from the carousel horse]

[ooc: She could use a savior. She's not far from the carousel if anyone wants to help out]

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