May. 18th, 2011

mightbeconcussed: (OMG)
[Lucy is sitting in front of the camera. She's dressed in a flouncy, very Southern sundress with a crinoline underneath it. She carefully arranges her skirt and looks a bit off camera.]

How does this look?

It's lovely, Miss but we really need to get back to Mr. Lightwood--

Please. I'm totally as cute as Jace. So he's got the ab thing going but I have the boobs. Okay so they're not much in the way of boobage [She squishes her boobs together, creating cleavage with her upper arms pressed close to her sides] but they're boobs! That counts for something. Maybe I should put on something low cut. I've got this one dress that's cut down to nearly my navel. I couldn't wear it if I had boobs because it would be a boob sling.

Alright Ma'am--

Seriously? Did you just call me Ma'am? Do I look old enough to be a Ma'am. Before you answer please realize I have a cricket bat and I know how to use it.

What exactly--Miss, why don't you change. We'll be with Mr. Lightwood.

Oh now I'm old and stupid? Sit. Right there. Film.

Now, I'm Lucy Locke and life in the City has it's advantages. I know everyone has been all doom and gloom and boo hoo and yeah it's bad sometimes. It hurts when people leave and I was attacked by a carousel horse just last week but honestly where else in the entire universe are you going to meet people from all over the place and time like this? [She's just going to ramble and preen at the camera until Jace rescues them]

[ooc: Lucy has hijacked Jace's camera crew with permission.]

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