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[Her voice is excited and insistent. She's got that 'can't be reasoned with' tone to her voice]

Alright so today is all about love and OTP's. I'll just start listing.

Seth Cohen/Summer Roberts.

Puhlease. Like this is even up for debate. Whatever. I'm not listening. LALALALALALALALALA you know it's true.

Me/Ryan Atwood

Don't even deny it. We would be magic together.

Scarlett O'Hara/Rhett Butler

Again. Everyone knows he went back to her. He loved her. He'd give up everything for her. Yes she was bratty but in the end /foot rising-kiss in front of Tara & happily ever after


I always stop this movie before the end because it's one of those cases where the movie was done wrong. And bad and wrong. At least at the end.


Like fighting destiny is a good idea? And the CSI guy from Miami before he was that guy that ended up marrying her? Like a beard or something. Against destiny instead of lesbianism. Personally I think they were having hot alien sex behind Maria's back.

Sydney Bristow/Michael Vaughn

The forehead wrinkles mean he loves her!!


Like you don't even know. Ambassador! Just KISS her already. Kthanx



Argue if you like but you'll be wrong

[ooc:Hardison 4th walled with permission. If you want to give me permission to 4th wall your character's canon (or fanon) OTP comment and I'll edit and add]

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