mightbeconcussed: (You're cute and stupid)
[Have a Lucy waving at you City. She's absolutely herself today with a paper cup of coffee in her hand. She's got her hair pulled up in a ponytail and she's wearing her own clothes again]

Hi. Obviously not a little girl anymore but I do have to say I had so much fun being five years old again. I got to do all the things my parents usually scolded me for.


[She leans in to the camera, lips pursed then bounces back]

I'm very glad to be more grown up shaped this time. One complaint[She holds up one finger] Really City? Really? You couldn't give me bigger boobs when you were making me grown up again? I'm not asking for like double D's but a set of B's or C's wouldn't have gone unappreciated.

Okay gotta run. Late for work. Harry, pick me up when the shop closes? Please.

[Okay so maybe she's not entirely herself yet]

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