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Ok srsly venti espresso w 1 shot syrup should be an option
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stumbled skinned knee clearly not awake yet. Coffee NAO. Extra shots
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New heels. It's the only thing that makes this day worth getting out of bed
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Considering salt as a major dietary food
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Hardison, Sam, Keats please make a sign and put it around your neck that says Lucy's friend. Don't even ask. Just please.

[She adjusts the video camera. She's sitting on a very white couch wearing a man's button down shirt. Her legs are crossed, feet tucked under her. She puts her elbows on her knees and rests her chin in her hands]


Zombie sheep. Personally I call bullshit. There's no such thing as zombie sheep. I watched 28 Days and Dawn of the Dead. The animals got eaten not infected. Also what happened to like voo doo zombies? You know raised by...some character in a book that sleeps with lots of vampires and werewolves. No I don't know how sex with vampires and werewolves have anything to do with raising the dead but neither does anyone else. Bella Swan should be all set. And technically are they zombies if they were never dead? Isn't that part of the whole mythology? They die or get half eaten and then they rise and wander around all zombiefied.

Also zombies don't talk. They moan and shuffle and make noises. I used to be obsessed with them in high school. I watched lots of zombie movies.

And how smart are these zombie sheep? And the people being infected? I mean...if we're not following movie rules then how do we know that the pizza guy knocking on the apartment door doesn't really want to eat our brains or hearts or whatever it is.

Cas, I know you're all wing boy but be careful. You might need a sign too.

Harry, this is me rambling at everyone but you jsyk.

[And she'll continue rambling until someone interrupts her. Really]

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