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"So, tell me what you think of LA," Lucy said as she drew squiggles in the sand with her bare toe. She and Donovan were walking on the beach. It was close to sunset and over all a beautiful evening.

"I've never actually been there. We went to Disney World once when I was little but LA is one of the many places I've never been. I've seen it on tv and in the movies. Is it anything like that?"
mightbeconcussed: (hair over one eye)
To: Donovan Masterson (xxx@xxx.com)
From: Lucy Locke (anotherblonde@gmail.com)

Subject: Shoes!

Okay the best I could was this. They looked like these in style but they were a pretty aqua color with little aquamarine colored rhinestone across the toe straps.

You are so awesome sauce I can't even tell you.

Much love!


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