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[Lucy is lying diagonally across the bed on her stomach and staring down at the video device on the bed with her. Her elbows are on the bed, hands propping up her chin, hands framing her face. Her eyes are a little red but she has make up on and her hair is mostly done. She looks upset or angry about something, possibly both]

Okay, reasons why being sober sucks


Emo and guess what


Also I seem to have this repeat things 3 times curse going on. I showered three times this morning. I washed the dishes which consist of a plate and a wine glass three times. And I have this---tick. That's right, repeating, repeating, repeating three times.

It sucks.

Also on the list of things that suck--which could be a repeat word or could also just be a sign from the deities that oh yeah this place SUCKS--

Harry sucks. He's still gone and he sucks. Out loud. Dolby Digital Surround Sound SUCKS. Ever turned the music up so loud that you can feel the floor and the walls and even your insides vibrating? That's the amount of suckage that Harry is right now.

Bryant, the dog not the Bear because we can't LIE here, sucks. Apparently I'm cranky with him and instead of being a good dog and trying to comfort me he's hiding under the dining room table in fear of my wrath.

If it weren't for Keats I'd go for a blanket guys suck statement today. Fortunately he has saved your entire gender guys. Thank him. Buy him a Guiness or something.

Masha, the only other girl in this house, does not suck. Because she's a GIRL. GIRL. GIRL...


Oh! Speaking of girls that don't suck. Penny! I got our PALE tee-shirts made up. Yours is green because I think you'd look fantastic in green and mine is Pink because it's a good color for me. They've got shiny silver letters that say PALE on the front. I'm working on a really cool design for them but we needed NOW shirts so these are the Test line.

Menolly! I got your The City Sucks Out Loud shirt made. It's blue. I have one too in yellow.

Liver failure. Someone talk to me about it.
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[Lucy is grinning ridiculously at the camera. She arches an eyebrow and tilts her head]

So this morning I got up and I showered and got dressed. It wasn't until I did the twirl thing to make sure I didn't have any panty lines that I saw it

[She turns her back to the camera, lifting the hem of her shirt. Right on the small of her back is a crimson script A but above that is the new addition]


Right they're sins, whatever. I don't have to tell ya'll about them. Besides, I prefer to think of it as the City's way of confirming I'm skinny.

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