mightbeconcussed: (college girls)
It’s your moment of triumph. Where are you and what are you doing?

Lucy watched from the window as the mail man put the post in the box then turned around and walked to the next house. She waited exactly four minutes and forty three seconds then rushed to the mailbox barefooted. She squealed at the sight of a big envelope and pulled it out, hugging it close to her chest. Without looking at the address, she grabbed her car keys and jumped in the convertible still barefoot. Her tires squealed as she pulled out of the driveway and started down the street way too fast. If she’d been paying attention, she would have clocked a new record to Jill’s house.

Lucy pulled the car in the drive way, parked it and jumped out without opening the door. She ran up to Jill’s door, still clutching the envelope and banged on it until Jill opened. She thrust the envelope at her best friend, her stomach flipping and her hand shaking.

“I have like a whole fleet of hummingbirds in my stomach but I couldn’t look at the address. I know it’s an acceptance letter. It could be from Berkeley or it could be from Georgia. Daddy made me apply to Georgia. It was his condition to applying to Berkeley and Georgia…great state but so close to home and minus a beach or two…” Lucy stopped to take a deep breath. “Open please.”

Jill laughed and glanced at the address on the envelope. She grinned and tore it open, unfolded the letter within and cleared her throat. “Ms. Lucy Locke, exactly how many bikinis do you own?”

Lucy’s brow furrowed, her features setting into a confused expression. Bit by bit realization dawned and she squealed, making a noise only dogs and dolphins could decipher. She threw her arms around Jill, jumping up and down. “We’re going to California!! We’re going to California!!!”

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