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You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up
You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up
You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up
You put the lime in the coconut and call the doctor, woke him up

Lucy leaned on the bar, her head in one hand. “So…it had to be tequila because the lime,” she slurred slightly as she toyed with the shot glasses lined up in front of her.

“Could have been Bacardi, goes better with coconut,” the guy sitting next to her said. He had his own row of shot glasses in front of him.

Lucy pondered that a moment. “Good point.” She fiddled with the glasses, stacking them on top of each other then giggling when they fell down. “M’not sure they write songs ‘bout Bacardi though.”

“Sure they do. Its rum,” the guy pointed out.

Lucy looked over at the guy and giggled again. “You’re pretty, can’t remember your name but you’re pretty.”

“Noah,” he smirked. “S’okay, we’ve had enough tequila that I’m not sure I can remember my name.”

“Think I’ll call you Joe,” Lucy decided. She looked down the bar at the girl cleaning glasses. “Hey! Bartender! Play that song again! With the coconuts and the rum.”

The girl shook her head laughing. She punched the number in the jukebox and the whimsical song filled the room. Lucy grabbed the guy’s hand and pulled him out to the dance floor, singing along very off key.
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“Mrs. Locke, we’d like to talk to Lucy alone,” the doctor said. He had Lucy’s chart folded conspiratorially against his chest and he looked at her mother as if she’d crawled out of a sewer.

“What? Why?” She looked from the doctor to Lucy and then back, her expression one of complete befuddlement.

“That’s confidential information between a doctor and a patient.”

“Lucy is fifteen. She’s hardly of age for that to apply,” Mrs. Locke said, firmly planting herself next to the exam table that Lucy sat on, a freshly casted arm cradled against her chest.

“Mom, it’s okay. I want coffee anyway. Would you go find me some? Hazelnut latte if they have any,” Lucy said.

Mrs. Locke gave Lucy a doubtful look then shot a dirty one at the doctor before stalking out.

“Whoa, you’ve really ticked her off,” Lucy commented once the door slammed behind her mother.

“Yes, well that is the least of my concerns right now,” the older man said as he crossed to the exam table and perched on the edge of it.

“Okay. Oh God, I’m going to lose my arm aren’t I? It’ll atrophy and eventually fall off. This is so not fair. I just got the most off the hook watch and it won’t work if I have to wear it on my right wrist. Also, my new cashmere sweater is going to look so lame with one arm just hanging there. You can do an operation though, right? Turn me into Bionic Woman or something,” Lucy rambled.

The doctor watched her as if she’d certainly and suddenly come down with some sort of exotic, highly contagious illness. “Er…no…I mean prosthetics have come a long way in recent years.” His brow furrowed and he straightened, taking on a sterner expression. “Miss Locke, that is not what I wish to discuss with you.”

He opened her file and dove into the discussion before Lucy could go off on another tangent. “In the last five years you’ve been in the emergency room a staggering number of times. This is your second broken arm this year. You’ve also broken a leg, an ankle, three toes and two fingers. You’ve had stitches in your knee and your hand. You’ve had two concussions and a gash on your forehead that required attention.”

Lucy wrinkled her nose. “Wow…when you list it like that it sounds really impressive.”
The doctor looked up at her, eyebrows reaching for his hairline in surprise. He cleared his throat and returned to the all-business demeanor he’d adopted. “Miss Locke, anything and everything you say in this room is confidential. Is there anything happening at home you’d like to tell me about?”

Lucy was silent for a few seconds before she spoke, slow and haltingly at first before unleashing. “Well…sort of…I mean…I wasn’t going to tell anyone because it’s really pointless. It’s either going to happen or it’s not.”

“Miss Locke, this sort of situation is never pointless or hopeless,” the doctor began. “There is always something that can be done. No one should live in a situation like you are living in.”

At first Lucy’s expression was one of surprise but joy took over as a smile trickled across her face. “Seriously? So I should totally call him. I mean I know he’s Meredith’s boyfriend but she’s not very good to him and let’s face it, with the new hair cut she’s not even that attractive. Do you have any idea how few people can carry off Winona Ryder’s haircut? One and that’s Winona Ryder. I’d be a much better girlfriend to him and soooo much prettier. You are the bomb, Doc. Seriously. I break my arm and I get love advice. You rock. I’ll send a letter in to your superior. A recommendation that you get nominated coolest doctor ever…You know besides George Clooney.”

The doctor’s utter befuddlement and gasping of breath stopped Lucy’s ramble. “Oh God! Are you having a heart attack? Shit…don’t tell my mother I said that. I’ll go get someone.”

The doctor grabbed Lucy’s good arm, stopping her exit from the room. “Miss Locke, I am not having a heart attack. I am not inquiring to your love life. I am inquiring as to whether you are being abused in your home or not.”
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ooc: Jill [livejournal.com profile] ivory_keys85 is used with the mun's permission and blessing. This is set in the distant, thus far unplanned future.

What is the single most precious thing you’ve ever given away?

Lucy stood across from Jill with tears in her eyes. She fussed with Jill’s hair, moving a strand this way and then moving it back. “Okay so I need a little more lip gloss and we’re going to be ready.”

Jill smiled and laughed, teary eyed herself. “Luce, you’ve glossed at least fourteen layers over your lips.”

“So fifteen is better,” Lucy said as she pulled the lip gloss tube out of the satin sash at her waist. She slicked some on and looked at Jill’s reflection in the mirror. “You are gorgeous. I know I’ve told you that before. Several times today in fact but you are just…and you’re going to move out and I can’t come with you and what if I can’t sleep at three in the morning. Jill, what am I going to do?”

“Aww, Luce,” Jill sighed and wrapped her arms around Lucy, holding her. “You’re gonna streak your makeup.”

Lucy shook her head and sniffled. “Waterproof. I’m an old pro at this.”

“You’ll call me. If you can’t sleep in the middle of the night you’ll call me,” Jill assured her, one hand stroking Lucy’s back.

“It’s not the same. You can’t eat ice cream with me and watch infomercials or the home and garden channel,” Lucy sniffed.

“I know,” Jill said quietly. She didn’t offer other words of support because Lucy was right. It wasn’t the same. It wouldn’t ever be again.

“And you know he’s not going to be as good as I am when you have a nightmare,” Lucy said almost accusingly.

“I know. So I’ll call you when I have a nightmare,” Jill responded.

“Pinky swear?” Lucy asked, sounding a bit like a little girl.

“Pinky swear,” Jill said, a smile creeping over her face. “No boy ever could replace you, Luce. No boy ever will.”

“And when he dies of a heart attack and we’re old and gray, you’re going to move back in with me and we’ll be the crazy cat ladies,” Lucy said as she pulled back.

“Duh,” Jill grinned as she reached up and wiped some tears off Lucy’s cheek. There was a knock on the door and Jill’s eyes went wide. Lucy reached out and grabbed Jill’s hands, squeezing tightly.

“We ready?” Jill asked. Lucy took a deep breath and nodded.

They walked down the aisle, arms joined. They were both crying by the time they got to the altar.

“Who gives this woman away?” the preacher asked.

“I do,” Lucy answered.

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