mightbeconcussed: (OMFG)
So I told him that I thought we were better as a special occasion sort of thing. Like the classic car you keep in the garage because if you drove it every day it’d always be in the shop. I’m not entirely sure he bought it but he agreed to leave our face to faces to parties and booty calls—Jill are you even listening to me?

[Lucy is standing in front of the fountain with a really fantastic Prada bag –price tag still attached--in her hand. She’s looking around wildly.]

Jilly Bean?

[She looks down at the bag in her hand]

Oh Holy Bear Bryant…does this mean I shop lifted? I swear I was going to buy it. Not that that ever works in the movies or the TV shows. It’s like the standard excuse for shop lifters. I bet it’s the excuse Wynona gave but honest, I mean it. I was going to pay for it until I got—where is this? Kidnapping carries a very serious penalty and I am not someone you want to abduct. Especially if you’re an alien. Oh God…it’s aliens isn’t it? I want to chime in with being opposed to aliens. Unless you’re Max Evans. Then you can abduct me anytime.

[She pauses to take a breath and note that the scenery is not one she recognizes]

This is definitely not Roswell, New Mexico.

[And a final glance down at the bag before she tucks it firmly beneath her arm]

At least I got to keep the bag…

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