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[The device is sitting on the coffee table in Lucy's living room. She's got a buffet of 'tail gate' food laid out including hot wings, cheese fries, chips, salsa, chili cheese dogs and red velvet cupcakes. There's also a cooler full of beer and sodas sitting next to the coffee table. The TV is showing a football--It's a black market DVD of the 2011 University of Alabama Football Season. This is game one Bama vs Kent State.

Lucy is perched on the edge of the couch wearing a crimson tide football jersey, a pair of Tide sweats and a black and white houndstooth fedora. She's got a red A painted on her face.]

Oh come on! My mother holds more than that! You can't even call that holding!

[She glances at the device with a beaming smile.]

Tailgate party at my house to watch the Tide vs Kent State. We should slaughter the guys. It's like warm up. Anyway, everyone is invited. Come and enjoy food and beer and football. It's what Saturdays were made for.
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[The device clatters violently to the floor, the video function flicking on. The scene it captures is a chaotic one. There's a giant black and white newfoundland running around the kitchen being chased by a ball of flame which is in turn being chased by Lucy in a pair of shorts, a tank top and oven mitts. She's carrying a pot full of water. The dog is howling at the top of it's lungs and a big golden cat is sitting on the counter watching it all with detached amusement. The three skid around the island while Lucy douses the ball of flame with the pot of water. Everything kind of goes anti climatic there, the dog hides under the kitchen table, Lucy plucks the wet rabbit up, making a sad face as she does.]

You poor thing. [A kiss gets planted on the side of the shivering, wet rabbit's head] No offense, Ingram, but I'm thinking you need to stay in the oven or completely soaked until further notice.
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[Lucy is sitting on a balcony, legs between the railings. She's swinging her feet back and forth and looking down. When she speaks her voice isn't as chipper as her words want to be.]

So many tourists. I never got the whole New Yorkers being rude over tourists thing. I sort of do now. You wish they'd just go away.

Unless the City wants to bring McElroy to see me. Or JP Wilson.

Hey if we can get dead people here is it too much to ask to see The Bear? I mean really.

I'd settle for Momma or Daddy though. Just to say hi and get that caramel apple pie recipe. Maybe have a drink.

Or I'd arrange a meeting with Bear and Saben. They could talk strategy and I could listen.

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