mightbeconcussed: (Eating curiously)
[Lucy is in the kitchen mixing up something. She's got a smudge of orange across her cheek and she's wearing an apron. There's some poppy music on in the background. She swipes a finger through the batter in the bowl she's working with and sticks it in her mouth then looks up to the device, gives it a bit of an 'oops, caught red handed' look, takes her finger out of her mouth and smiles.]

Okay, so Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I don't know what sort of traditions everyone has and I know not all of us are from the United States but if you ask me, Thanksgiving is about getting together with your friends and your family and eating. A lot. That means I'm busy cooking. A lot.

If I know you, I've talked to you or you're all alone tomorrow and don't want to be, you're invited to my place for Thanksgiving. I promise there will be a lot of food. I'm even making vegetables without chicken broth, Stephen.
mightbeconcussed: (I don't think so [Bear Bryant Hat])
[The device is sitting on the coffee table in Lucy's living room. She's got a buffet of 'tail gate' food laid out including hot wings, cheese fries, chips, salsa, chili cheese dogs and red velvet cupcakes. There's also a cooler full of beer and sodas sitting next to the coffee table. The TV is showing a football--It's a black market DVD of the 2011 University of Alabama Football Season. This is game one Bama vs Kent State.

Lucy is perched on the edge of the couch wearing a crimson tide football jersey, a pair of Tide sweats and a black and white houndstooth fedora. She's got a red A painted on her face.]

Oh come on! My mother holds more than that! You can't even call that holding!

[She glances at the device with a beaming smile.]

Tailgate party at my house to watch the Tide vs Kent State. We should slaughter the guys. It's like warm up. Anyway, everyone is invited. Come and enjoy food and beer and football. It's what Saturdays were made for.
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[The video pans around The Masters Lucy's flat. There's a slow pan of kitchen, living room, the stair well and even the fire pole before the camera turns, giving a quick glimpse of the Newfoundland dog lying on the floor and the cat on the back of the couch. The video settles on Lucy's face.]

So I'm back home and everything survived, including me. It's nice to have the City back to whatever passes for normal here.

Octavian and Derek, uber thanks for being my roman in shining armor and pretty boy with a gun. I'm going to cook. I'll bring some food over. Sweet potato pie, fried chicken and cheese grits for everyone.

[Private to Chris]

Hey, if you got alcohol poisoning and died at the police station I'm going to be pissed.

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