mightbeconcussed: (Rock on)
[The video is upside down. Or rather Lucy is upside down. She's hanging off the edge of the couch, the device sitting on the coffee table]

I used to think this was good for my skin and my brain. Blood flow and all that. I'm not really sure it is anymore.

[She sits upright and for a moment all that can be seen is her knees then she slides to the floor so that her face is the right height for the device.]

The auction thing? That was fun. No I didn't put myself up for auction but I did buy someone; [livejournal.com profile] defintelymad. The one with floppy hair. Not the one with sex hair. Call me, Doctor. We'll work out the details.

Now. I've got a credit card and I'm going shopping. Otherwise it's just me, the cat, the dog and some hanging upside down. That doesn't sound like an eccentric old cat lady at all.

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