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[The video is a scramble of too-close images at first. There's the sound of something being set up, some thudding and scooting. When it finally zooms out, it's clear the device is attached to the waistband of someone's pants. It's somewhat focused on a training dummy. A small fist strikes out, hitting the center of the dummy.]

OW [And she's shaking her fist] Ow! Ow! Dammit! Ow!

[And then in frustration she kicks out clumsily at the training dummy with a bare foot]

Crap, crap crap. Ow!!

[The device falls and clatters to the floor to show Lucy hopping around on one foot.]

Rocky makes it look easy. [And she plops down in a pile on the floor next to her device. After a moment she picks it up and tosses it at the dummy, hitting it square and knocking it over] Stupid dummy.

[ooc: Lucy is borrowing Huey's beat up on a training dummy idea]
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[The video comes up on Lucy sitting on top of a hospital bed. She's got a cast on her wrist and a bruise on her cheek. She's also wearing scrub bottoms with her own top and a pair of high heels.]

Today is made of suck. It's not just a bad day. It's a day made entirely of suck. And not the good kind of suck. The I fell, broke my wrist, dropped my coffee and ruined my new jeans.

Cut for potentially upsetting commentary on domestic violence )

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