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I've never been a huge fan of snow. It doesn't snow in Birmingham very often and even then it melts right off. At least I've got an excuse to buy cute new boots and a hat. Possibly one with ear flaps.

Can you ski on the mountain? I've always sort of wanted to tromp around in a ski chalet in boots and those super tight, smexy ski pants.
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I think the deities want us to be all emo all the time. Or maybe they're like the creepers who get their rocks off by hurting other people. Emotionally instead of physically but a lot of the curses do end in physical pain so maybe both ways.

ANYWAY that's enough talk about pain.

Harry's back which means I've been all big D grin girl and I have a new job working at Akindo. I love it but I have the feeling most of my paycheck will end up there instead of with me. At least I'll look good.

Now I'm going to walk the dog and get some coffee. No emo for me.

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