mightbeconcussed: (IDK)
[There's a significant pause and then a spitting sound.]

Okay so truth time. I love that buzzed, hyper, omg everything is amazing feeling that six shots of espresso in a latte gives you.

The truth part? It tastes like crap and that makes me sad.

[And another significant pause]

Sometimes, I buy a pair of shoes and realize I have a pair at home that looks almost like the pair I just bought but that new shoe high just makes it impossible for me to say no. And yes, I've had months when I ate ramen and didn't pay the light bill because new shoes are my addiction.

[ooc: She's cursed to tell the truth today no matter what she's asked.]
mightbeconcussed: (looking over shoulder)

Ok srsly venti espresso w 1 shot syrup should be an option
less than 15 seconds/minutes ago from Network/Echodevice/Citydeck

stumbled skinned knee clearly not awake yet. Coffee NAO. Extra shots
about 1 hour ago from Network/Echodevice/Citydeck

New heels. It's the only thing that makes this day worth getting out of bed
about 1hour ago from Network/Echodevice/Citydeck

Considering salt as a major dietary food
about 2 hour(s) ago from Network/Echodevice/Citydeck

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