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[The video is sideways, Lucy is lying on her side on the bed. She's got a pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia next to her and a bottle of Hershey's Chocolate syrup. Bryant is curled up at her feet and Masha, the cat is sulking a bit near her knees. Her eyes and nose are red, her face a little blotchy. This is not Lucy's best day.]

Harry was supposed to be home hours ago so I checked the lab and headed to the portrait hall. He's gone and so is Hardison. This day sucks. Everyone always leaves.

At least Hardison is going home to good stuff. Harry is just...I hate this. He didn't get to leave me a note telling me to wait or anything.

I mentioned this day sucks, right?
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If you know the Master...he's gone home. Again.

I don't understand why we go home. There doesn't ever seem to be a point to it. Not for some of us. I mean okay I get that for some people it's this whole...good thing. It's not that way for all of us.

I guess it's true. The City runs on misery.


Hardison, can you come watch movies with me for a little while?
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[There's the sound of someone stumbling, falling and a soft 'ow'. A black high heel comes into view.]

Oh God...I can't do this. Not now.

[The voice sounds choked with tears. A hand reaches down, picks up the device and finally the identity of the person is seen. It's Lucy and her eyes are red-rimmed and puffy. She has on little to no makeup and she's dressed in a black, conservative, sleeveless dress.]

Please not now. Just send me back for a little while. Just a couple of months.

[She swipes at the tears welling in her eyes and spilling down her cheeks]

How long have I been gone? Is Harry still here? Keats? Hardison? Penny? Or did they all leave me too?

[She raises one trembling hand to smooth over her hair]

I just need to go home. I can't do this.

[She fiddles with the device a little]

So not fair...it's Bear Bryant's birthday
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Harold Saxon aka The Master left the City today.

People go away and come back all the time, right? He wouldn't tell me to wait if he wasn't planning on coming back. And what does that even mean? Wait for what? Wait for dinner. Wait for Summer. Wait for football season. Wait until I get back which could be who knows when.


In any case, I'm staying Harry's indefinitely. He left me the flat until he gets back. Someone has to take care of Masha.

Keats, I need alcohol and lots of it.

I'm out of ice cream and I hate today.

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