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[Filter to Cas]

Are you normal again? Do you have any weed left over?

[/end filter]

I'm officially revoking my City is awesome card. I wanna go home.

[Filtered to Jill]

Can we do ice cream and Resident Evil movies tonight?

[/end filter]
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[Lucy is sitting on a bench by the fountain. She's got a cup of coffee and a fashion magazine with her. She's idly flipping through it, dog earring certain pages and then moving on. She appears to be waiting for something.]

So I know it's a long shot 'cause really who wants to leave Birmingham or come back to this place. Doesn't stop a girl from hoping.

And now I just sound patheta-sad.

[ooc: Fourth wall is a go. She'll welcome visits from anyone]
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[Lucy is sitting at the bar in The Raven. She's wearing something sparkly and her hair is down all around her shoulders. The pout on her face doesn't match the party hair or the sequins on her clothes. She looks miserable. She's got a glass in front of her and she's turning it in circles on the wooden bar.]

Four days ago I was here a year. I didn't realize it until the day was almost gone. It's funny how much can happen in a year. I'm not going to hash through everything that has happened. I lived it. I know and the funny thing is, most of the people that lived it with me are gone. Everyone except me.

I'm still stuck in that 'don't want to go home' phase of things though. I miss home. Desperately. I want to see my Mom and Jilly Bean and Christine. I even want to go to pointless classes that I plan on going to for the next four years or so but I don't want to go home.

Happy anniversary me? I guess.
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If you know the Master...he's gone home. Again.

I don't understand why we go home. There doesn't ever seem to be a point to it. Not for some of us. I mean okay I get that for some people it's this whole...good thing. It's not that way for all of us.

I guess it's true. The City runs on misery.


Hardison, can you come watch movies with me for a little while?
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[The video is a scramble of too-close images at first. There's the sound of something being set up, some thudding and scooting. When it finally zooms out, it's clear the device is attached to the waistband of someone's pants. It's somewhat focused on a training dummy. A small fist strikes out, hitting the center of the dummy.]

OW [And she's shaking her fist] Ow! Ow! Dammit! Ow!

[And then in frustration she kicks out clumsily at the training dummy with a bare foot]

Crap, crap crap. Ow!!

[The device falls and clatters to the floor to show Lucy hopping around on one foot.]

Rocky makes it look easy. [And she plops down in a pile on the floor next to her device. After a moment she picks it up and tosses it at the dummy, hitting it square and knocking it over] Stupid dummy.

[ooc: Lucy is borrowing Huey's beat up on a training dummy idea]
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[Lucy is sitting on the couch wearing a houndstooth fedora and wearing a pink Alabama tee shirt. She's got a plate of bbq ribs on the coffee table, a six pack of beer and popcorn. There is a crimson A painted on her right cheek]

So today is the first 2011 Bama football game. I don't know who we're playing because the schedule wasn't out yet when I left home. If I were there I would have had ribs from Dreamland for lunch then went out to the stadium, tail gated until game time and then spent the evening with 90,000 people that all want the same thing.

I can't do that here. Duh but Sam managed to get me the 2011 season on DVD before he went home so today I'm making ribs, tail gating at the apartment and watching the game in a little while. If anyone wants to come watch with, I'll be here but remember there's only one team.

Roll Tide!

ooc: Lucy will actually be poofing out of the City to go home for a 'canon' update at some point during the game. Action is welcome as is video/voice/text]
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[Lucy is sitting on a balcony, legs between the railings. She's swinging her feet back and forth and looking down. When she speaks her voice isn't as chipper as her words want to be.]

So many tourists. I never got the whole New Yorkers being rude over tourists thing. I sort of do now. You wish they'd just go away.

Unless the City wants to bring McElroy to see me. Or JP Wilson.

Hey if we can get dead people here is it too much to ask to see The Bear? I mean really.

I'd settle for Momma or Daddy though. Just to say hi and get that caramel apple pie recipe. Maybe have a drink.

Or I'd arrange a meeting with Bear and Saben. They could talk strategy and I could listen.
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Harold Saxon aka The Master left the City today.

People go away and come back all the time, right? He wouldn't tell me to wait if he wasn't planning on coming back. And what does that even mean? Wait for what? Wait for dinner. Wait for Summer. Wait for football season. Wait until I get back which could be who knows when.


In any case, I'm staying Harry's indefinitely. He left me the flat until he gets back. Someone has to take care of Masha.

Keats, I need alcohol and lots of it.

I'm out of ice cream and I hate today.
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[Lucy is lying on her side on a white couch. She's got one arm folded under her head and she's wearing a white button down shirt but the video is very firmly kept on her face and her neck, not widening out.]

So I want to know what the City has against sheep.

We should have the contestants for America's Next Top Model here instead. They could attack each other. It'd be more fun.

Did anyone actually get to talk to their Mom the other day?
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The wind is lashing at the windows, rain pelting down and Bryant is slinking around the apartment whining. The video shows Lucy is sitting with her cheek against her window. She can't sleep depsite the fact that it's a bit after midnight.

She should have gone to Harry's before the rain got bad. At least she'd have company. She's almost asleep sitting up, her face smushed against the window when she hears it.

Lucy in the sky of diamonds, Sugar where are you?


The voice with it's sugar southern lilt makes her sit straight up, all fatigue and boredom gone.

Lucy Baby Girl, I do believe I've gotten myself lost. The manner of places you manage to find yourself. Be a dear and come get me?

"Momma..." It's pouring outside but she can't leave her mother there. Not out in the rain. Out where it can be dangerous at night. "Alright. Stay put, Momma. I'll be there soon."

Maybe it's a gift from the city; a visit from her mother on Mother's Day. They've just gotten the timing off, the rain a bit wrong. It'll be alright once they're safe inside. Warm and dry.

She grabs a pair of worn jeans and pulls them on with the baggy concert tee shirt she wears to bed. She shoves her feet into canvas sneakers and heads out the door. Her device gets shoved in a pocket and the video blacks out.

The cold takes her by surprise. It was warm before this rain started. "Mom!" She yells into the wind.

Over here, Lucy

And she heads into the storm. She can't leave her mother out here.

[ooc:Going to send Lucy down into the Underground looking for her mother. Feel free to come upon her and even hurt her. Just no killing! rageiscute = my aim if you want to discuss hurting her. She is just human]
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[The video is focused on Lucy's face, rather close up too; mostly chin, mouth, nose and eyes. She looks a bit pitiful. Definite frowny face, furrowed brow, wrinkled nose.]

See this? This is Lucy's sad face.

Also known as Lucy's 'I hate the City' face.

[The video pulls out a little. There's a crimson #10 painted on one cheek. She turns her face slightly so that the Mrs. McCarron painted on the other cheek can be seen before she faces the camera full on again, pout further solidifying on her mouth]

Today is the Crimson and White game. Last Spring game of the season. Everyone goes to watch. We get to see what the boys are going to look like in the fall.

Is it too much to ask for ESPN? Do the Deities make deals for satellite TV? At least the sports package?
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Okay. So. After extensive research...okay a couple of clubs and a few test runs--I've discovered that no one here knows the proper way to sing a song. Lucky I'm here. I KNOW! RIGHT?

Anyway, take a look at this, pay particular attention starting around .58 and let's all learn the right way to sing Sweet Home Alabama

Make a Southern girl happy?

Our next lesson will be over the right kind of hat. Houndstooth Fedora? Only way to go.

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