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[Lucy is standing in front of the camera dressed like thisbut she's got a bit of a pout/frown on her face. She's a bit less...chesty than the look requires.]

Pretty perfect as far as angel costumes go, right? Except I'm wishing I'd sprung for the boob job now.

[She disappears off camera and comes back looking noticably more busty] BUT lesson number #65 in The Southern Belle Guide to Life, that's what socks are for.

[She's going to head out with a gold Prada tote as a trick or treat bag and put together a diabetes inducing collection of candy and also get eaten by Cas. Feel free to catch her anywhere in the Overground.]
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[Lucy is sitting in front of the camera. She's dressed in a flouncy, very Southern sundress with a crinoline underneath it. She carefully arranges her skirt and looks a bit off camera.]

How does this look?

It's lovely, Miss but we really need to get back to Mr. Lightwood--

Please. I'm totally as cute as Jace. So he's got the ab thing going but I have the boobs. Okay so they're not much in the way of boobage [She squishes her boobs together, creating cleavage with her upper arms pressed close to her sides] but they're boobs! That counts for something. Maybe I should put on something low cut. I've got this one dress that's cut down to nearly my navel. I couldn't wear it if I had boobs because it would be a boob sling.

Alright Ma'am--

Seriously? Did you just call me Ma'am? Do I look old enough to be a Ma'am. Before you answer please realize I have a cricket bat and I know how to use it.

What exactly--Miss, why don't you change. We'll be with Mr. Lightwood.

Oh now I'm old and stupid? Sit. Right there. Film.

Now, I'm Lucy Locke and life in the City has it's advantages. I know everyone has been all doom and gloom and boo hoo and yeah it's bad sometimes. It hurts when people leave and I was attacked by a carousel horse just last week but honestly where else in the entire universe are you going to meet people from all over the place and time like this? [She's just going to ramble and preen at the camera until Jace rescues them]

[ooc: Lucy has hijacked Jace's camera crew with permission.]
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[Lucy is sitting on the couch wearing a houndstooth fedora and wearing a pink Alabama tee shirt. She's got a plate of bbq ribs on the coffee table, a six pack of beer and popcorn. There is a crimson A painted on her right cheek]

So today is the first 2011 Bama football game. I don't know who we're playing because the schedule wasn't out yet when I left home. If I were there I would have had ribs from Dreamland for lunch then went out to the stadium, tail gated until game time and then spent the evening with 90,000 people that all want the same thing.

I can't do that here. Duh but Sam managed to get me the 2011 season on DVD before he went home so today I'm making ribs, tail gating at the apartment and watching the game in a little while. If anyone wants to come watch with, I'll be here but remember there's only one team.

Roll Tide!

ooc: Lucy will actually be poofing out of the City to go home for a 'canon' update at some point during the game. Action is welcome as is video/voice/text]
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[Lucy is sitting on the edge of the bathtub in her robe doing her toenails. She waves at the video screen]

Just...a...second [A swipe of color across her pinkie toe and she looks up with a beaming smile]

Okay. I'm good. As you can see I'm very much not a vampire anymore. No offense but wow so glad that's not happening. I like me more me shaped than vampire shaped.

[Locked from the Master, Frankie, Chris, Lord Rido and Menolly]

Okay so I'm thinking that Miss Marples etiquette rules dictates that the proper 'Thank you for letting me suck your blood/Sorry I bit you' gift is balloons, chocolate and a strip-o-gram. Rido isn't getting the strip-o-gram because I'm afraid he'd eat her and then I'd feel bad.

What do ya'll think?

[End private]

Also? I'm five seconds away from taking advantage of this whole dancing thing. Harry, Penny, Keats, Chris, Menolly, Hardison--want to come with?

Harry, can we get a stripper pole? It can be in the bedroom if you want.

[ooc: If you've got the technology/ability to hack the Masters filters, have at it unlocking the locked bit. Yes this means Menolly, Chris, Frankie and Harry are getting a giant balloon bouquet, chocolate and a strip-o-gram. Menolly's is a guy. Rido, sorry you're just getting a bottle of blood and balloons. All have notes that say Thank you for letting me drink your blood!]

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