mightbeconcussed: (Ditz)
[Lucy is sitting on the floor in her flat. She's got an empty box and a pile of shirts next to her. She's folding them and putting them in the box.]

Today is Charity Day. I'm giving away a bunch of men's tee shirts, size large. There's a button up or two in here too. First come, first serve.

[She could filter the next bit away from Stephen if she wanted to. Harry's filters make it easy enough for her but she figures this will serve as Stephen's warning.]

And I want to know if anyone in the City is interested in going out on a date with Stephen Stills. Just a fun date, nothing serious. He needs to date more. It's been decreed [By Lucy and protested by Stephen]. Men or women, I'm not picky.

[ooc: permission from both Jace and Stephen muns to do this]

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