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[There's the sound of someone stumbling, falling and a soft 'ow'. A black high heel comes into view.]

Oh God...I can't do this. Not now.

[The voice sounds choked with tears. A hand reaches down, picks up the device and finally the identity of the person is seen. It's Lucy and her eyes are red-rimmed and puffy. She has on little to no makeup and she's dressed in a black, conservative, sleeveless dress.]

Please not now. Just send me back for a little while. Just a couple of months.

[She swipes at the tears welling in her eyes and spilling down her cheeks]

How long have I been gone? Is Harry still here? Keats? Hardison? Penny? Or did they all leave me too?

[She raises one trembling hand to smooth over her hair]

I just need to go home. I can't do this.

[She fiddles with the device a little]

So not fair...it's Bear Bryant's birthday
mightbeconcussed: (Phone plus bear hat)
[Lucy is sitting on the couch wearing a houndstooth fedora and wearing a pink Alabama tee shirt. She's got a plate of bbq ribs on the coffee table, a six pack of beer and popcorn. There is a crimson A painted on her right cheek]

So today is the first 2011 Bama football game. I don't know who we're playing because the schedule wasn't out yet when I left home. If I were there I would have had ribs from Dreamland for lunch then went out to the stadium, tail gated until game time and then spent the evening with 90,000 people that all want the same thing.

I can't do that here. Duh but Sam managed to get me the 2011 season on DVD before he went home so today I'm making ribs, tail gating at the apartment and watching the game in a little while. If anyone wants to come watch with, I'll be here but remember there's only one team.

Roll Tide!

ooc: Lucy will actually be poofing out of the City to go home for a 'canon' update at some point during the game. Action is welcome as is video/voice/text]

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