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Note to self glow in the dark nail polish can be quite the mood killer during sex especially when you notice its working for the first time and you stop everything your doing to do spirit fingers
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[The camera flickers on to show Lucy sitting cross legged on the floor in her flat. She's got shopping bags scattered around her. She's sportinga glorious purple-black eye and a pretty spectacular pout]

Okay, City? Not funny. Yeah they were great shoes--are great shoes and they will look fantastic with that yellow mini dress but shopping should not be a full contact sport. At least not unless the full contact involves a dressing room and nakedness. Nudity, not punches. Got it?

[Text to Jill]

Jilly B wnna tlk 2 u bt idea! Bng lattes!
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[Lucy is eagerly holding tightly onto the elbow of a good looking barista with both hands. The device is on the coffee bar and there's a abandoned cup of coffee next to it. Lucy is leaning forward, talking animatedly about her life in general]

So the AC man is there but I didn't know the AC man was there. Momma sorta forgot to tell me. The house is blazin' hot and since Daddy is at work I'm walking around without a stitch of clothing on. I headed toward the kitchen to get a glass of ice water with my earbuds in my ears. So there I am standing in front of the freezer, glass in one hand, iPod in the other completely naked with my eyes closed and I'm singing along.

I think it took five minutes before I finally closed the freezer door and turned around to see the AC man starin' at me gape jawed.

[She sits back a bit but doesn't relinguish her hold on the barista.]

He sorta waved his fee that day and Momma and me went and bought new shoes with it. It's not like we could tell Daddy I was strip naked in front of the AC man.

He did ask why ever once in a while they'd stop by just to check on our air conditioning unit. Momma and I managed to convince him they had great customer service.

[ooc: Lucy is affected by the stranger danger curse. Feel free to voice/video or come save the poor barista from too much TMI but beware, she'll probably TMI you too]
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[The video feed clicks on and Lucy is sitting at a bar with three different colored jello shots in front of her. She takes the top off one, slides her finger around the edges of the jello, pulling it away from the plastic and then licks her finger. That's when her eyes go wide. She licks her finger again, grins and gives her wrist a lick.]




I taste like strawberry ice cream. [She gives the crook of her elbow an experimental lick.] All. Over.

Anyone want to come lick me?
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Okay City, you know just when I decide I hate you beyond the telling of it you do this.

I love you today.

So very very much

It's like you knew I liked shiny things.

Harry, please tell me you're sparkling. I'm curious for decidedly NC-17 reasons. You have no idea how many fantasies this would fulfill.

Questions too. Like does everything sparkle?

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