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[Lucy is in the kitchen mixing up something. She's got a smudge of orange across her cheek and she's wearing an apron. There's some poppy music on in the background. She swipes a finger through the batter in the bowl she's working with and sticks it in her mouth then looks up to the device, gives it a bit of an 'oops, caught red handed' look, takes her finger out of her mouth and smiles.]

Okay, so Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I don't know what sort of traditions everyone has and I know not all of us are from the United States but if you ask me, Thanksgiving is about getting together with your friends and your family and eating. A lot. That means I'm busy cooking. A lot.

If I know you, I've talked to you or you're all alone tomorrow and don't want to be, you're invited to my place for Thanksgiving. I promise there will be a lot of food. I'm even making vegetables without chicken broth, Stephen.
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