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[The video is a little out of focus but it shows Lucy from the shoulders up lying on what looks like a doctor’s table. There are tears trickling out of the corners of her eyes, making shiny streaks down a face that is deathly pale. She’s biting her bottom lip, gritting her teeth and her eyes closed. Clearly, she’s just trying to get through this moment and move onto the next. After a couple of seconds of this, a hand comes down on her shoulder to squeeze it gently.

“Alright, Lucy, we’re all done here. When you’re feeling up to it, you can get dressed. Make sure to pick up a packet of instructions and call us if there are any problems at all. You’re staying in town for a couple of nights with someone, right?”

Lucy nods and manages to croak out something that are more sounds than words. She’s alone after that for a few seconds before she gets to her feet. She’s wearing a hospital gown, the kind that ties in the back and she makes her way on shaky, unsteady legs to a partion that curtains off a dressing area. She emerges moments later dressed in a pair of sloppy sweat pants and an Alabama sweat shirt that swallows her. She’s still deathly pale, her movements choppy and slow. The door opens into a waiting room where Jill is sitting, perched on the edge of a chair. She’s out of the chair the moment, Lucy appears, one hand going to her friend’s arm to support her.

“We’ve got about a ton of Ben & Jerry’s to eat and lots of girls kick butt movies to watch.”

Lucy offers her a weak, forced smile and nods. “Okay. It’s our secret, Jilly. Right? Just us.”

“Just us, Luce. I promise.”]

[ooc: Memory theater. Lucy isn’t aware this broadcast…yet and she might not tell the whole truth about it when approached.]
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