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[Lucy is ensconced on the couch, wrapped in a blanket. The coffee table next to her is filled with a couple of tupperware dishes of food, a box of chocolate, several bottles of water, a bottle of bourbon and a bottle of cream soda. On the couch with her is a pair of Louboutin sandals, a Chanel bag, a cricket bat and a laser screw driver. She flicks on the video and leans in toward it.]

More boys should wear eyeliner. I'm just saying. You have be all rawr and confident about it though. Otherwise, you're really not going to be able to pull it off and by the way, if you're wearing eyeliner there will be no other makeup on you. Otherwise it tips over into drag which is okay, fun but ultimately less sexy than just the eye liner.

Speaking of broody boys [Yes that was a transition] has anyone seen my broody, angsty, under aged eye candy wandering around lately?
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