Aug. 2nd, 2011

mightbeconcussed: (Wink wink)
[Lucy has been hard at work for the last several hours turning Xanadu into a frat party paradise. Alright, so Jace has been busy turning the garden into frat party paradise while Lucy supervised. That's how things work. Boys do the heavy lifting. All of his her hardwork has paid off. There are tiki torches ringing the area, bug candles scattered about, a keg, a cooler, funnels for beer and a table full of liquor bottles with varying amounts of liquor in them. Music suitable for dancing is pounding out at a workable volume. There's a pile of red plastic cups next to the table and the keg but the main event of the party takes place center garden. There are three long tables with red plastic cups of beer on them. Ping balls set waiting innocently for the beer pong games to begin.]

Things are definitely too truth and darish around here today. Beer pong is more fun. Add in keg stands, games of I never and spin the bottle, it's a good party.

Everyone's invited and we'll explain the rules to things if you like.

Edited later PSA, if you intend to kill, maim or harm any of the party goers, consider the invite revoked.

[ooc: please tag, thread jack and have fun. You don't have to know Lucy or Jill or anyone. You can even say you saw the party from a distance and decided to check it out.]

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