Aug. 1st, 2011

mightbeconcussed: (Emo Sometimes)
[The camera pans around on an open work space that's under construction. There are ladders, sawdust, freshly cut lumber and a good deal of paint lying around. Occasionally a carpenter or painter can be seen. The camera travels across the store to what appears to be a check out counter before Lucy turns the camera to face her. She's wearing overalls today and she's got smudges of paint in varying shades of pink and red on her face, hands, arms and in her hair.]

Everything with the store is going well. I think anyway. I'm hoping we'll be open in a couple of weeks but it looks like a lot still has to be done to me. I guess everyone survived one of those weekends again. It's fall though and things are getting cooler. Football will be here soon.

Would anyone be interested in a team?

[Private--not hackable via Harry's filters]

[Luke, Jill, Jace, Dulcie & Castiel]

According to Luke, Rido is being a nosy bastard again. Jill, be careful out at night. I don't trust him not to use you.

Jace,I know it's a big deal but if you could watch her, I'd appreciate it.

Cas, can you stay on angel speed dial for a while?

Luke, thanks for the heads up. Let me know if you hear anything else. Please?

Dulcie, your angel thing I guess and be careful.

[Curt, Stephen, Campbell, Menolly]

Be extra careful when you're out. Please?


I think we ought to avoid each other for a while. Be careful if you're out at night and stay out of the underground.

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