Jan. 4th, 2011

mightbeconcussed: (SCORE)
[Lucy is eagerly holding tightly onto the elbow of a good looking barista with both hands. The device is on the coffee bar and there's a abandoned cup of coffee next to it. Lucy is leaning forward, talking animatedly about her life in general]

So the AC man is there but I didn't know the AC man was there. Momma sorta forgot to tell me. The house is blazin' hot and since Daddy is at work I'm walking around without a stitch of clothing on. I headed toward the kitchen to get a glass of ice water with my earbuds in my ears. So there I am standing in front of the freezer, glass in one hand, iPod in the other completely naked with my eyes closed and I'm singing along.

I think it took five minutes before I finally closed the freezer door and turned around to see the AC man starin' at me gape jawed.

[She sits back a bit but doesn't relinguish her hold on the barista.]

He sorta waved his fee that day and Momma and me went and bought new shoes with it. It's not like we could tell Daddy I was strip naked in front of the AC man.

He did ask why ever once in a while they'd stop by just to check on our air conditioning unit. Momma and I managed to convince him they had great customer service.

[ooc: Lucy is affected by the stranger danger curse. Feel free to voice/video or come save the poor barista from too much TMI but beware, she'll probably TMI you too]

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